According to Vidyard, an average of 18 videos are published by businesses each month ( and close to 50% of people search for videos that is related to a product before walking into a store.

The total number of people who use YouTube is more than 1 billion and 900 million unique visitors each month (  YouTube alone logged a trillion hits!  If you haven’t yet considered using video to boost your online visibility then it’s time to start!

Video is one of the most powerful online media options available for persuasion.  There are many reasons why video is so engaging!  It can humanize an organization as well as provide valuable information for your market.    It can quickly and affordably help you educate your target audience, share information and company news and even sell your products and services when it’s used correctly!

Marketing videos on YouTube

In addition to the benefits that can be achieved from connecting in such a personal fashion with a mass audience, a business who uses video well can also achieve endless SEO benefits. A 2011 Nielsen study shared that video has a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of search results than other types of content.  In addition, Google blends video into their results a lot more frequently than images.  They also offer a Filter Button to search specifically for video content.  It’s easy to conclude that using video to market your business can give you a tremendous advantage over the competition!

Are you ready to get started?  Good!  Here are 4 easy steps to creating online video that gets results:

1. Have a Plan– Be sure to keep the goal of your video in mind. Are you educating, informing or entertaining? Make certain your video matches your goal.

2. Create Engaging Content – People are going to share a video they enjoy and find valuable.  It is important to include accurate information in an engaging way.  Make them laugh; make them cry or just make them think. Engaging content will be a key factor in your success!

3. Keep it Brief – The viewers of YouTube have a short attention span that will be turned off by a blatant selling technique.  A 2-3 minute video is optimal!

4. Be Visible – Focus on keywords.  Do your research prior to making the video and be sure to include the low traffic, high search keywords in your video description. Use your web address and business name in the keywords for each video as well as on your YouTube channel.

Once you’ve created content that will engage your target audience, the next step is marketing the video in all of the right places.   This is a key step in the process to make sure your videos and your business can be found.   Five things you can do to increase visibility include:

1. Use a service like TubeMogul to share your video across multiple video platforms.

2. Link to your video on all of your networking sites and marketing materials.  Share the links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

3. Add a link to your YouTube channel on your website.

4. Include your YouTube channel on your business cards, brochures and flyers.

5. Utilize the “Description” box for each video in order to take advantage of easy SEO.  Include a simple call-to-action and directions to find you and your website.  Include a brief description of the content of your video that is keyword rich and relevant.   And be sure to include your website at the very beginning of the description since that’s the first thing your viewers will see!

Video creates an opportunity for your target audience to learn about you and stay longer on your site.  This translates into greater engagement and a higher conversion rates for your business!

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