Do you ever wonder why social media marketing is so important?  You didn’t build your business to spend hours online each day chatting with strangers.  Yet everywhere you turn these days it seems that’s exactly what you’re being told to do.  Social networking is about more than just making friends.  When implemented strategically it can truly level the playing field for small and medium sized business owners, allowing them to easily compete with much larger brands.
Using social media marketing for sales

In today’s down economy most business owners can agree that finding new clients is tough.  The competition is fierce and the results from outbound marketing efforts such as advertisements and cold calling have diminished greatly.  Does your business need to make more sales?  Here are 5 ways social media can make that happen for you:

Brand Visibility:  Did you know that over 2 billion people are active on social media? ( ) In addition, social media users are typically more active and influential offline as well (  What does this mean for you?  It means that regardless of who your target market is, it’s a sure bet that many of them can be found on a social networking site.  Not only can you find them, you will have the opportunity to be found by them!

Credibility:  According to Pew Research, 58% of Americans perform online research concerning the products and services they consider purchasing.  They went on to elaborate that even if they end up making their purchase in a store, consumers start their fact finding and decision making on the internet.  ( ).  Making your brand visible online offers excellent opportunities to influence what your target audience will see  when they research your services.  Use social media to share quality products and rave reviews.  Use social proof in the form of followers, friends and connections to present your business as an industry leader.

Referrals:  Referrals are an excellent way to make a sale without actually doing the work of selling! If social media users are more influential in their local communities, then getting your business in front of your online market is a must.  If you’ve strategically attracted the right fans, followers and connections then they should be the people who are in front of your target market.  Generating leads online is great but generating referrals will mean a constant stream of new leads that have already been influenced to buy!

Links:  Creating social profiles and producing great content online is an excellent way to create quality links back to your website.  SEO is an important strategy for any business owner and there’s no easier way to do it than by creating a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a Google+ page for your business.  In addition, the content on these profiles is easily shareable and allows others to help with your marketing efforts!

Direct Sales:  In addition to all the other great benefits social media can provide, there is one last and more obvious benefit.  You can make direct sales from social media.  If you’ve targeted the right audience and are engaging and promoting correctly then you have a bigger opportunity to directly reach the people who need your services.  Listen to their needs, provide them with solutions and watch your business grow!

Social media marketing is a long term business building strategy.  It offers a wide array of benefits and comes with guaranteed success when done strategically.  What if someone simply offered to share your business with the thousands of people they came into contact with on a daily basis?  You’d probably be thrilled!  Social media offers just that!  It’s a chance to have others promoting your business and sending referrals your way.  Does your business need more sales?  Then your business needs social media!

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